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13 Queens - Rainhas de

      A série fotográfica 13 Queens foi criada por dois artistas suíços Alex Gertschen e Felix Meier em seu próprio estúdio fotográfico, mesmo parecendo pinturas digitais, os cenários, segundo eles, foram construídos em seu próprio studio e não em uma tela de computador, segundo eles "Characteristic for our work is the staging prior to our actual shooting. Based on diverse objects and materials we are crafting backdrops for the pictures, creating imaginative, often somewhat absurd and surreal worlds. It is our conscious decision to build sceneries in real terms and not on a computer screen. Thanks to these multi textured backgrounds, the pictures never give the impression of being artificial but rather radiate with their immediacy".

      O trabalho já foi capa de diversas revistas como  Eyeagazine - Alemanha,  Photo+ - Koréia do Sul, Santa Art - Brasil, e Rooms Art Uncovered - Inglaterra.

Rulers over surreal worlds
"There are unfamiliar worlds waiting to be discovered, filled with very well known objects of our everyday life yet staged in an unexpected way beyond recognition, draped with exuberant costumes of various shapes and colours. The insignia of power, the signs of their dreamland, hang from their bodies, stick to their skin and surround the sphere of their heads. These queens have truly incorporated their sensual empire. Every single one a proud queen, patron saint of ornaments, ruler over an empire of symbols, inviting the viewer to lose oneself. "13 Queens" - that is an intriguing gallery of flamboyantly dressed dignitaries - definitely not from this world. The more one contemplates a picture the less obvious becomes the queen in its midst: the magic emanates from the details, from the reinterpreted use of objects and from the desire to find ever more magical ornaments."

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